EcoComputers s.r.o. is an IT company originally from the Czech Republic, founded in 2021 and creating high-tech products. We develop helpful applications of various subjects, the purpose of which is to be useful. AI-based voice-to-text translator with automatic translation into foreign languages, interactive learning, eco-cleaning and more.

We create mobile, desktop programs, simulators and cross-platform projects for

  • iOS
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • Windows


  • Eco Cleaner
  • Eco Wallpapers
  • WiFi Mouse
  • Voice Translator
  • Mars Flight
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Eco Cleaner

Application for cleaning your personal computer that provides a wide range of computer cleaning options from searching and deleting temporary files and duplicates to blocking ads, pop-ups and banners. It manages installed apps and removes Internet downloads, browsing history, and browser plug-ins.

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Eco Wallpapers

Live colorful wallpapers to personalize work and personal devices. There are seamlessly looped animated wallpapers, wide selection of screen resolutions and lock screen compatibility.

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WiFi Mouse

Wireless remote control of all touchpad, mouse and keyboard functions on iPhone or iPad. There are two scrolling directions, adjustable scrolling speed and sensitivity and minimal response time.

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Voice Translator

AI-based voice-to-text translator with automatic translation of phrases into foreign languages.It is a perfect app to communicate with people all over the world especially while traveling or planning to chat with foreigners, and a key to smooth conversation.

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Mars Flight

Interactive trip to Mars, exploration and learning interesting facts about the planet. There are breathtaking starry landscapes, a state-of-the-art colony, dangerous adventures in search of oxygen.